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Lays the ground to a good house

2Stone gas silica stones

For use in external walls, inside walls, floors and roof..

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    External walls

    We provide various types of external wall stone blocks. Easy to assemble and available in various thickness.

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    Inside walls

    Easy installment and outstanding sound isolation.

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    Iron-bent blocks for use above doors.

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    For sockets

    Blocks for sockets or for strengthening of external walls or even inside walls.

  • ... and there are more benefits

    The technique behind the gas silica stone was invented by the Finns and Swedes roughly 40 years ago. The technique has been in continuous development ever since and the popularity of the stone as a building material has continuously increased.

    The material is designed using an industry standard german technology from a mix of lime, cement and silica sand which makes the material both very light and easy to form and cut. The stone consists of more strength, is more frost tolerant and conducts heat better than traditional materials.

    With 2Stone silica stone you save valuable construction time while improving quality and significantly lowering costs.

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